Two If By Sea: Delicious Sustainable Seafood

Sterling Epicure / May 5, 2016

Barton Seaver's second, seminal book on seafood cookery, after For Cod and Country (Sterling Epicure, 2011), offers more than 150 new mouthwatering recipes, including entrees, salads, appetizers, soups, pastas, stews, sides, and sauces. Try his Smoked Lobster and Fennel-Carrot Salad or Poached Salmon with Pickled Chilies and Mint and you'll understand what all the fuss is about. Each of Seaver's fresh-tasting, casual (and always delicious) recipes features seafood that hasn't been overfished or caught in an environmentally destructive way. This emphasis has made Seaver, already an acclaimed chef and restaurateur, one of the most important voices of the sustainability movement. The book is full of helpful advice on buying, choosing, and making the most of your ingredients, as well as an essential guide to seafood prep and cooking techniques--a must for all seafood lovers.

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Acclaim for Barton's Books

Where There's Smoke, by my friend and protégé Barton Seaver, is like a celebration of our connection to the earth. It's an invitation to a home-cooked meal on the grill shared with family and friends. More importantly, knowing Barton's passion to see food differently, I believe that this book can help us to understand food better and cook in a more sustainable way.

—José Andrés, Chef/Owner of ThinkFoodGroup

"I’m not a chef, or food critic, or book critic. I’m a busy working mom who, in my pre-child life, enjoyed long evenings of cooking, eating, and drinking good wine. Needless to say, my cooking habits have changed in the four years since we welcomed our first son. Now, my idea of a great recipe is one that involves no more than six ingredients and thirty minutes, and yet still produces something healthful and delicious. It’s kind of a high bar, but For Cod and Country hits the mark."

–Heather Goldstone, Climatide

“ Barton brings you into the life of the fish and the love affair he shares with the seasons. More than just a bunch of recipes . . . a story that makes a difference!”

—Rick Moonen, Chef/Owner, Rick Moonen’s RM Seafood Las Vegas

“Barton Seaver is a man with a mission to make us value what we take from the sea at a time of crisis for marine resources. He also cooks superbly. So you can be sure his first cookbook is not only a mouth-watering read, but also takes an inspiring approach to sustainability, one of the great issues of our time. That makes it an important book and one that deserves to be read by everyone who truly loves seafood.”

–Charles Clover, Author of The End of the Line

"Chef and sustainability advocate Seaver (For Cod and Country) adds to the growing body of artful grilling cookbooks aimed at readers who begin their barbecues with cocktails and appetizers. VERDICT —Seaver's flavorful take on grilling will please high-end backyard barbeque enthusiasts"

Library Journal

"[Seaver's] new book is a testament to his belief that each and every one of us can help restore the fisheries we depend on by voting with our dollars and making smarter, responsible (and mouthwatering) decisions at the supermarket and in restaurants. And that’s where the fun begins."

"It can be confusing, trying to navigate the waters of how to eat fish and seafood responsibly. Thankfully chef Seaver's book makes the subject matter much easier to comprehend, gives us choices, and makes it all delicious."

–Esther Sung, Epicurious

"Barton’s writing style is casual, personal, celebratory and inviting, yet he has included tons of essential content about sustainable fish choices, ingredient primers and cooking techniques. I read it cover to cover the day it arrived."

—Myra Goodman, author of Food to Live By: The Earthbound Farm Organic Cookbook 

"I recommend For Cod and Country for both skilled cooks and those intimidated by fish preparation. For Cod and Country will make you a better cook and environmentalist."

"Washington, D.C. chef Barton Seaver's new For Cod and Country cookbook not only gets 10 points for clever title, it gets top marks for timeliness and tastiness, too."

—Jackie Burrell, Bay Area News Group

“Barton Seaver is one of the best friends that fish ever had. The fact that he cooks them so well, as seen in these pages, should not turn any self-respecting fish against him.”

—Peter Kaminsky, author of Pig Perfect and The Moon Pulled Up An Acre of Bass

“Barton serves us well by taking us from source to sauce. He shows that dinner isn‘t just a meal; it‘s our relationship with the world.”

–Carl Safina, author of Song for the Blue Ocean and The View From Lazy Point

If you're going to turn to a grilling book, here's one seasoned not only with valuable knowledge, but also the spirit of good intent. Barton does an amazing job helping the reader understand that heat is much more than a 'uni-tool,' and that cooking for others should be understood as deeply nourishing. 

—Michel Nischan, Chef and Sustainable Food Advocate

"For Cod and Country dishes up sustainable seafood that somehow manages to be dazzling, delicious, yet totally doable for the home chef. Trust me, you’ll be hooked."

–Kate Geagan, MS, RD

I really like this book. A lot. The writing. The recipes. The information about so many things, from woods to wines, is so knowledgable and clearly based on Barton Seaver's considerable experience with fire and food. I can't wait to cook from it—especially all the vegetable dishes, which look amazingly winsome.

—Deborah Madison, Author of Vegetable Literacy

"If I were a fish, I’d like to be cooked by Barton Seaver. In For Cod & Country, Barton gives us a revolutionary approach to seafood that is healthier, more environmentally aware, and delicious. Seafood is more than just food. It’s wildlife that should be consumed with reverence and moderation (and plenty of vegetables)."

–Jim Toomey, cartoonist and creator of Sherman's Lagoon

“Eat a few dishes prepared by Esquire chef of the year Barton Seaver, thirty, and you’ll feel good about living on Earth...Listen to him talk about how to save us all from destroying the food chain (and ourselves in the process) and you’ll feel even better about it.”

—John Mariani, Esquire magazine

“Barton Seaver is both a sensational chef and a true leader in the growing movement to think differently about the way we consume seafood. If you can’t get him to cook a meal for you in person, learning how he does it is the next best thing.”

—John Fahey, Chairman and CEO, National Geographic Society

"Fish lovers and beginning cooks will rejoice in this cookbook’s creative recipes and instructions for filleting fish and other seafood."

–Carrie Scarr, Library Journal

In a world where bigger seems better, Barton reminds us of how simplicity, in both grilling tools and food preparation makes a larger and lasting impression. Whether you're new to the game, the weekend-warrior grill cook, or seasoned from years of experience, this cookbook ins a must. Barton shows us that a charcoal grill is all you need, from beverages to condiments and everything else in between.

—Carla Hall, Executive Chef and Owner of Alchemy by Carla Hall

"Barton Seaver has hit the right notes with his first cookbook, For Cod and Country"

—Bonnie S. Benwick, The Washington Post

For Cod and Country is a fun and approachable way for home cooks to bring sustainable seafood ideals into the practical world of the kitchen.”

—Paul Greenberg, best-selling author of Four Fish: The Future of the Last Wild Food

“Kudos to Barton Seaver for raising awareness about the ingredients in our food—where they come from, how they got there, and the impacts they have on the environment. By making informed choices in the kitchen, we can all make a difference in protecting the lands and waters that sustain us.”

—Mark R. Tercek, President and CEO, The Nature Conservancy

Clever, strategic, and rooted in the lessons learned at his papa's knee—Barton's new 'sustainable grilling' treatise applies the same responsible practices to the barbeque as he has to the consumption of our oceans' edible bounty. His recipes are both inventive and delicious-sounding roadmaps for meals-on-the-grill, including the all-important protein partners vegetables, desserts, and cocktails too.

—Lucinda Scala Quinn, Author of Mad hungry: Feeding Men and Boys

“It’s not only vegetables that have seasons—fish do, too! And the consideration of seafood’s seasonality along with the environmental issues surrounding its consumption are long overdue. If you’re new to seafood, there’s much to learn in For Cod and Country.

—Deborah Madison, author of Vegetable Literacy

"Seaver's book vibrates with personality, practical advice, photographs (both evocative and how-to), and stovetop wisdom...The recipes in For Cod and Country allow seafood lovers to dig in with gusto—and good conscience."

–Barry Estabrook, The Atlantic

"Wood cooking is a lost art. Barton found inspiration in fire, smoke and wood to pack flavor into these recipes. He's a purist, as master of the flame, and protector of sustainable foods form the land and sea.

—Mike Isabella, Chef/Owner Graffiato, Kapnos and G Sandwich Shop

"Seaver is part of a new generation of chefs who consider sustainability an ingredient that can't be forgotten in their food. Check out For Cod and Country—and think about eating less seafood, more often."

"Seaver hopes to reeducate the casual grillmaster to think beyond commonplace brats and emphasize vegetable offerings. Writing thoughtfully on proper seasoning and searing techniques, he advocates sustainable animal husbandry. He also contributes some original insights on pairing wines with grilled foods."


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